Brief Market Comments – 29 Jun

After a failed Eurozone summit on Saturday, Greece is set to default on the IMF payment. Here is what&rsquos happening.

Brief Market Comments – 23 Jun

Greek government divided on proposal as European Central Bank raises country&rsquos ELA support. Here&rsquos what to watch.

Brief Market Comments – 22 Jun

The theme of today&rsquos Eurozone summit was cautious optimism, Greek deal nearing deadline. Here&rsquos what to watch

Brief Market Comments – 19 Jun

Greece default looms as emergency Euro-summit set for Monday. Here&rsquos what to watch

Brief Market Comments – 18 Jun

The New Zealand Dollar declined more than 1.1 percent versus the US Dollar after the country&rsquos GDP slowed in the first quarter of 2015.

Brief Market Comments – 17 Jun

The New Zealand Dollar&rsquos downtrend versus the US Dollar has been met with fading momentum signaling a reversal may appear on the horizon.

Brief Market Comments – 12 Jun

The latest US confidence reading came in above expectations. Here&rsquos what to watch.