Brief Market Comments – 24 Apr

A strengthening dollar can have a harsh negative impact on US based corporations if they have subsidiaries abroad.

Brief Market Comments – 21 Apr

GBPNZD large wedge formation surrounding key long-term support zone.

Brief Market Comments – 18 Apr

The EURUSD has plunged nearly 34% in the past year, but negative divergences in certain indicators may signal the run may stall in the future.

Brief Market Comments – 18 Apr

G-20 members gather to discuss the risk of volatility and upcoming challenges during the second meeting of the year.

Brief Market Comments – 16 Apr

The Australian Dollar gained in the early hours of Thursday after March&rsquos labor force data beat expectations.

Brief Market Comments – 15 Apr

A notable lack of excitement permeated FX markets around the ECB rate decision.

Brief Market Comments – 14 Apr

US economic data continues to come in below market expectations, leading to US Dollar weakness.