Brief Market Comments – 27 Aug

Global Markets have taken a step back from the ledge, but for how long might this last?

Brief Market Comments – 27 Aug

The Australian Dollar rose as guidance in the second-quarter capex report offered support to RBA monetary policy expectations.

Brief Market Comments – 26 Aug

Cheer turned to fear as Chinese stimulus was not enough to stem the selling in Chinese stocks.

Brief Market Comments – 26 Aug

BRICS currencies have experienced a uniform slide against the safe haven US Dollar as risk aversion unravels in the markets.

Brief Market Comments – 25 Aug

Chinese stocks took another hit, and Beijing responded. Global markets are up briskly thus far on the back of Chinese stimulus.

Brief Market Comments – 24 Aug

Global stocks are putting in a huge down-day again, led by weakness in China and the largest one-day sell-off since the Financial Collapse.

Brief Market Comments – 21 Aug

US Crude oil extended its two-month tumble Friday dipping to a fresh six-year low below 40the US oil rig count ticked higher.