Private Managing

Investment in Forex is very different from any other you can consider. It is the least regulated, the most risky, but the fastest delivering way to multiply your money. So think twice and do your homework.

Apart from normal performance and due-diligence checks, think about yourself – how risky are you? Whatever is your psychological type – choose the trader, who has a similar attitude. Otherwise you will end up sleepless worrying about your investments or disappointed with a slow growth. The most difficult in trading is not forecasting the market, but having a strategy, that is matching your level of patience and excitement. And that equally applies to traders and investors.

Alright, after a serious start we are here to announce – we, FXfreelance, do manage private accounts. We take care of investor’s money since 2009, ranging the size of the investment from 500$ to over 200,000$. We do not use any robots or expert advisers, but trade manually, mostly with market orders, reacting on the market here and now with the help of simple indicators and price action. Some of our basic rules, indicators and set-ups you can find under Knowledge Base -> Trading Rules section.

For more information, historical data and performance charts please follow this link

We also hold PAMM accounts, click here for details. To contact us regarding any type of commitment – please use email, skype, etc…

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