Private Tutoring

Our main business is consultancy and money management. We are fully dedicated to our investor’s accounts and do not spend much time on selling our knowledge or experience through teaching. However, if you consider yourself a keen trader, you have mastered the basics and are missing some last touch of psychological boost, advance technical knowledge or in-depth understanding of market behaviour – we can help with couple of private tutoring sessions.

We are not forex teachers or promoters, we are actively trading professionals. For getting into the market – read books, learn basics, try to trade yourself. Private consultation with FXfreelance traders will help you with tips on timings of the market, psychology of different traders from around the world, understanding the game of investment banks, hedge funds and other big players, price-action decoding and learning our proprietary set-ups. To benefit from that, you should have a bit of background understanding.

From time to time one can also meet our traders at city events, like STA monthly meetings, Traders & Investors Club gathering, MoneyShows and other. For arranging consultation, tutoring session or for a seminar enquiry – contact us here.

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